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  • Angie Sage Introduction
    Angie Sage is the author of the Septimus Heap series which includes Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, and Darke. She is also the illustrator and/or writer of many children's books, and is the new writer of the Araminta Spook series.
    Angie Sage grew up in Thames Valley, London and Kent. Her father was a publisher. He would bring home blank books that she could fill with pictures and stories. Sage first studied medicine, but changed her mind and went to Art School in Leicester. There she studied Graphic Design and Illustration. She began illustrating books after college. Then she progressed to writing children stories, including toddler books and chapter books. Her first novel was Septimus Heap: Magyk.
    The Septimus Heap Series
    1. The Septimus Heap Series 1 Magyk in 2005
    2. The Septimus Heap Series 2 Flyte in 2006
    3. The Septimus Heap Series 3 Physik in 2007
    4. The Septimus Heap Series 4 Queste in 2008
    5. The Septimus Heap Series 5 Syren in 2009
    6. The Septimus Heap Series 6 Darke in 2011
    7. The Septimus Heap Series 7 Fyre in 2013
    The Araminta Spookie Series
    1. The Araminta Spookie Series 1 My Haunted House in 2006
    2. The Araminta Spookie Series 2 The Sword in the Grotto in 2006
    3. The Araminta Spookie Series 3 Frognapped in 2007
    4. The Araminta Spookie Series 4 Vampire Brat in 2007
    5. The Araminta Spookie Series 5 Ghostsitters in 2008